Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open Studios December 2008

"Parade Day"
stickers, string, paper & marker on clayboard

"We Are All Water Containers"
ink on paper

"Just Sitting Here Coming to Terms"
paint & pine cones

"No Mail Days Are Sad Days"
envelopes, mail recipient addresses

"Times are Hard" & "Glowing Flowers"
marker, pen, sticker backing

"Canadian Goose"
marker on clayboard

"3 Shore Place"
acrylic paint on canvas

"Mike's Living Room Ceiling Fan"
pencil & ink on paper

"I Hate the New Trains, too"
ink & pen on paper

"Yoko Saves"
pen & paper

"Let's Stay Inside Today" on right
gouche & ink on paper

"This Has Nothing To Do With Anything" on left
pen & ink on paper

"I Know What You Mean"
marker & pen on paper

"The Universe"
ink & pen on paper

"Really Nice People I Happen to Know"
marker on paper


pen, thread, paint marker & paper

"Your Face is in There"
marker, pen, paper

"People I've Seen in the Last Five Days"
pen & paper

"Making Our Hair Smell Like Citrus"
paint marker & paper

Monday, January 19, 2009


cloth, yarn, paint, video, canvas, flowers, bucket

twine, video, clothespins, collection of saved objects

pancakes, paint, markers, cardboard

"Today will be the best day of your life"
videos of strangers whom I left notes on their cars and videoptaped them from windows

Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Oh, Yoko"
oil paint on canvas

"I'm Small, We're All"
silkscreen on paper

"Pancake Crash"
silkscreen on paper

"Yoko Ono is well gnome"
oil paint, fabric, collage on canvas

"Waking Up"
pillow, pillow stuffing, paint, yarn

finger pillows: 1 1/2' by 6''
canvas, thread, paint, stuffing

"Ghosts Eating Toast on a Post"
paint and scraping on cardboard

"Coneheads, the movie"
tin foil, Sculpey (picture right out of the oven)

woodcut print on paper

layers of monoprints, cutouts and paint

oil paint, collage, canvas