Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open Studios December 2008

"Parade Day"
stickers, string, paper & marker on clayboard

"We Are All Water Containers"
ink on paper

"Just Sitting Here Coming to Terms"
paint & pine cones

"No Mail Days Are Sad Days"
envelopes, mail recipient addresses

"Times are Hard" & "Glowing Flowers"
marker, pen, sticker backing

"Canadian Goose"
marker on clayboard

"3 Shore Place"
acrylic paint on canvas

"Mike's Living Room Ceiling Fan"
pencil & ink on paper

"I Hate the New Trains, too"
ink & pen on paper

"Yoko Saves"
pen & paper

"Let's Stay Inside Today" on right
gouche & ink on paper

"This Has Nothing To Do With Anything" on left
pen & ink on paper

"I Know What You Mean"
marker & pen on paper

"The Universe"
ink & pen on paper

"Really Nice People I Happen to Know"
marker on paper


pen, thread, paint marker & paper

"Your Face is in There"
marker, pen, paper

"People I've Seen in the Last Five Days"
pen & paper

"Making Our Hair Smell Like Citrus"
paint marker & paper